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Drobo5N Unboxing

This post is a continuation of my video from YouTube about unboxing my Drobo5N yesterday (12/24/2013).

If you didn’t get here from the video on YouTube below is a link to it.
Link to Video:

The Drive was sort of my Christmas present to myself.  Could have bought an Xbox One, but instead bought a NAS drive.  🙂

First Thoughts, Wow! What a cool box.  I broke down and purchased two 4TB drives to start it off with.  I picked them up at the local Tiger Direct.  Originally I only intended to get a couple of regular drives, but for 20 bucks more (each) I picked up some “NAS” drives.  Cost me about $400.00 for the drives.

After that I copied some files of an external Seagate GoFlex Desktop drive and then I cannibalized it so I could stick the 3 TB drive into my Drobo.  So I’ve now got a total of 11TB of actual disk space inserted.  About 7 TB of drive space is available to me so far.

Below are some screenshots of the Drobo’s Dashboard:

Dashboard : Shows all Drobo’s discovered


Dashboard: Shows how much drive space is used vs free

Drobo Dashboard: Drive Usage

Dashboard: Detected Drives, Size of Drive, Health Status

Drobo Dashboard - Drives Health

Dashboard: Built in apps

Drobo Dashboard - Apps