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Has facebook turned us all into life bloggers?

Just a few years ago the only people who were posting photos and documenting details of a life were people who thought they could make some money ‘travel writing’ for a blog site.  Now it seems everyone is quite happy in posting little details about their life’s little ups and downs. We’ve somehow turned our lives into a “TV channel” that represents our actual lives, and the events they contain.

It seems to work like this. Your friends are your different channels. The facebook news feed is where you browse the channels for anything that looks interesting. Each of us are in fact a channel for someone else to enjoy.

As for myself, I think my channel may be considered by some to be an acquired taste.

When you look back at your life In 10 years what will your channel look like?

I’d appreciate your thoughts and feedback on the topic.  It seems that facebook has become love hate for some people.  I’ve several friends who despise facebook and refuse to post.

I am of the opinion that in the future we’ll scroll through facebook like we used to thumb through a family album to remember the events of our life.

Cool Technology

Google Glass


Google Glass

My latest toy is Glass.

Last year I had filled out the request, and wrote a little something about what I would do if I had glass.

I forgot about my “application” to buy the Google Glass.  I did not get “selected” for the first generation of glass, but I’ve had a chance to get my hands on one of the second generation units.

What can I say, I’m a camera nerd.

Photo(s) taken with glass

Tha Liv'n Room

Tha Liv’n Room


Accidental Art


Federal Highway, Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Cool Technology

Drobo5N Unboxing

This post is a continuation of my video from YouTube about unboxing my Drobo5N yesterday (12/24/2013).

If you didn’t get here from the video on YouTube below is a link to it.
Link to Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WlE7M_M02SU

The Drive was sort of my Christmas present to myself.  Could have bought an Xbox One, but instead bought a NAS drive.  🙂

First Thoughts, Wow! What a cool box.  I broke down and purchased two 4TB drives to start it off with.  I picked them up at the local Tiger Direct.  Originally I only intended to get a couple of regular drives, but for 20 bucks more (each) I picked up some “NAS” drives.  Cost me about $400.00 for the drives.

After that I copied some files of an external Seagate GoFlex Desktop drive and then I cannibalized it so I could stick the 3 TB drive into my Drobo.  So I’ve now got a total of 11TB of actual disk space inserted.  About 7 TB of drive space is available to me so far.

Below are some screenshots of the Drobo’s Dashboard:

Dashboard : Shows all Drobo’s discovered


Dashboard: Shows how much drive space is used vs free

Drobo Dashboard: Drive Usage

Dashboard: Detected Drives, Size of Drive, Health Status

Drobo Dashboard - Drives Health

Dashboard: Built in apps

Drobo Dashboard - Apps

Cool Technology

The Future Realized

Technology is a Wondrous Thing

I wanted to listen to music over my surround sound system at home tonight. Rather than going over to the Stereo (which I don’t have) I pop open my iPad, start Spotify, and wirelessly send my favorite track to my TV. Boom! Music playing out of my Surround Sound System. The Future (Now). It’s even better than I thought.

Curious how it’s done?


The Future Realized

How to airplay music to your Surround Sound System

iPad Closeup

Start by Buying an Apple TV and then using Airplay
Once connected to your TV and home wireless network it’s ready to receive airplay content from your iPhone, iPad, or iPOD.

Double tap the home button on your iPad to see the active apps.  Swipe to the right to show the controls illustrated above.

1. Tap here to bring up the list of Apple TV devices in your home network.
2. Select which TV you want to receive the audio.

That’s it!

Airplay is a zero configuration solution to send music or video to your tv from any apple device.

If you think you need help shoot me an email.
I’m always ready to help out the family.