Do we now invent HISTORY?

the_history_channel_demotivator_by_party9999999-d5jtuxaI found the title image above while online using a google search “History Channel Parody”.  So I think it is clear that others are getting the message as well.

I’ve often heard that people question why “The History Channel” does not show much “history” content anymore.

I think that people forget that a channel like “The History Channel” is a business first and foremost, but if they’re true to their name, they will try to deliver what they suggest by title that they will deliver.

By having a variety of “Reality Shows”, the History Channel is actually delivering on it’s promise of “history”. We’re witnessing it first hand.  We watch the present as a show.

The question that comes to my mind, is how accurate of present day “history” are the shows?

Are they scripted?  

Do they have some other self serving purpose of “The History Channel”?

Are they detailed and authentic recordings of a tiny slice of “Humanity’s History”?

My epiphany moment came when I realized that “The History Channel” is literally creating a historical account of humanity, and the way of life we live in this ‘snapshot’ of time.

What does this mean?  Do we even care? Who cares?

I think that the question that each of us must both, ask and answer,  is.

What is our message to the future?



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