You are your best DIY project

Last night while watching TV,  I noticed a commercial from “Cigna” the insurance company.  The commercial was not selling anything except for healthy living.  Encouraging people to exercise and take an interest in themselves for a change.  The commercial never said “Get off your ass and exercise”,   It would seem that someone has come up with the concept that an insurance company can actually make more money by encouraging people to take their life, their mental and physical well being into their own hands instead of running to a doctor for a pill.  

Through a series of motivational images and a robust website Cigna is encouraging people to stay active live a better life, and love themselves.  With areas of the site dedicated to health, food, and fitness I think it’s a positive way for Cigna to try and decrease it’s health care costs by getting it’s insured to feel better about themselves.

With all the commercials out there selling something that you really don’t need, it’s nice to see a company try to make money by asking you to look at yourself, and improve your life instead of waiting for someone else to do it.

I wonder how long before a fitness guru gets sponsored by an insurance company, and they start giving away products like “Hip Hop Abs” or “P90X” as a way to offset and reduce the cost of healthcare.

Am I missing something?  Have I fell for the bait?  I’d be interested to know if anyone else has thoughts on the topic.

Cigna - Go You

Go You campaign image


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