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Let’s go Swimming

I swim from time to time at the beach near a place called Lauderdale by the Sea.  It’s about two miles from where I live, and I go here to jump into the water and see whats happening.  Some days I get to see giant schools of fish, other days everything seems to be be hiding, or on vacation on this exhausted reef just offshore.

All in all it’s usually a pleasant experience, save the one from the other week where I met a Portuguese Man of War floating by doing his thing.

One of the things about swimming in the ocean is that there is always the possibility, that you could end up some other creatures meal.  The separation of man from beast is facinating to me.  Sometimes I like to imagine that humanity in all of it’s complexity is just a bunch of  smart animals doing their thing.  Much like the Man-O-War is doing it’s thing, and a shark chill’n near a reef finger is doing his thing.  We just do our thing with a mask, or a wing, or a rope.

For me to be happy I dont have to see a million fish, or tons of reef life.  I’m just happy to be alive, and able to experience the moment.

It feels like a long time since I have been able to take a dip and visit my sea friends.

This year I am hoping to extend my experience with the small nurse sharks that frequent the waters near my home.  I want to interact with them, and possibly handle them if the moment feels right.

For now, I have limited my interaction to a few gentle touches on the tail to gauge their reaction to me, and to test myself to see if I have the nerve to push the envelope and pet one like I might pet a kitty cat.

My home movies are not the things of Youtube legend.  They are mostly private memories, short and sweet, sometimes lacking a beginning or proper end.

Below are two more videos of my swims near lauderdale by the sea.  They contain a few more fish than the first one in this post.



2 thoughts on “Let’s go Swimming

  1. So beautiful! I’m so envious that you can head out there from home, that’s great. We had the opportunity to snorkel every day in Maui last winter and it was amazing, I wish I had the video to remember it by. What kind of camera do you use? I never got into really deep water but did spend an entire afternoon watching a giant sea turtle in a reef. It’s so peaceful. I don’t know if I’d be brave enough to put my hand that close to a shark 😀 I enjoyed the movement of the giant schools of fish with you music too.

  2. I’m so sorry about the long delay in responding to your comment. To answer you question, I use a GoPro 2 camera for my video. When I finish up a project I”m working on I hope to shoot some more video and start to blog more often.

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