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The Future Realized

Technology is a Wondrous Thing

I wanted to listen to music over my surround sound system at home tonight. Rather than going over to the Stereo (which I don’t have) I pop open my iPad, start Spotify, and wirelessly send my favorite track to my TV. Boom! Music playing out of my Surround Sound System. The Future (Now). It’s even better than I thought.

Curious how it’s done?


The Future Realized

How to airplay music to your Surround Sound System

iPad Closeup

Start by Buying an Apple TV and then using Airplay
Once connected to your TV and home wireless network it’s ready to receive airplay content from your iPhone, iPad, or iPOD.

Double tap the home button on your iPad to see the active apps.  Swipe to the right to show the controls illustrated above.

1. Tap here to bring up the list of Apple TV devices in your home network.
2. Select which TV you want to receive the audio.

That’s it!

Airplay is a zero configuration solution to send music or video to your tv from any apple device.

If you think you need help shoot me an email.
I’m always ready to help out the family.


4 thoughts on “The Future Realized

  1. That’s pretty cool! I didn’t really get how it works but I’m a slow tech learner. When you say “buy an Apple TV” is that a Television you actually bought at the Apple Store? Dah, probably a stupid question.

    • Actually it’s a valid question. If you’re not a tech geek you could think that someone talking about an Apple tv was referring to an actual television. In fact it’s a tiny hockey puck sized box that connects to a television to add services like Apple Movies, Hulu, Netflix, and Youtube to your TV. It also adds the ability to stream audio and video from all apple devices such as ipod, ipad, iphone etc.. There are other set top devices out there, like the Roku (which is also awesome in a different way), but none support seamless streaming from your favorite apple device.

      Apple TV Link:

      Roku Link:

      • Too AWESOME, Thanks for all the detail Jim. I’m writing a post about my techie world (much smaller than your’s) and this would make a great link! You’ll see the ping sometimes this week.

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