Good Deeds

I’ve decided to start making my posts to facebook and other sites via a blog.  I’m not sure if there is any real benefit to keeping them here vs keeping them on facebook.  I guess I just want to keep them closer to me.

I came across a video today that really moved me in a compassionate way.  It was a video compilation derived from Russian Dash Cameras.

Normally these cameras are taken advantage of by people posting videos of fantastic car accidents, or some other terrible event that would wow or amaze you.  Today!  I came across a Russian Dash Camera video which was a compilation of people doing good deeds, or some other Random Act of Kindness or Compassion.  The video really made me feel good, and touched me enough for me to write about it in a few places.

When something affects you in such a way that you feel compelled to share it with other people certainly it must qualify as an Epiphany.


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