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Photos from Savannah

Frozen Moments in Time

My friend Washington D. took some photos while Chevonne and I were up in Savannah for her birthday.  He used his Samsung Note phone camera to take the photos, and experimented with different features.  A few of his black and white images came out very nice.  The below images seemed to be frozen moments in time.  Some of them feel almost alive due to the lighting, or a blur that’s present.  They are my favorite out of the unique photos that he took.

@ Bayou Cafe with my ex

Me and my beautiful girlfriend Chveonne

East Bay Street – Savannah, Georgia

Missy & DC @ Bayou Cafe

Missy & DC

Freya, Chevonne & Missy @ Bayou Cafe

Chevonne, Freya, Missy

Tibor & Freya @ Bayou Cafe

Tibor and Freya

Tibor on Bay Street

Tibor on Bay

Photos by Washington Dimacio


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